5 Types of massage you didn’t know you needed.

We all know that massage is a glorious thing that we definitely don’t treat ourselves enough with, or we wait until we have aches and pains. But little did you know that massage is more than just a relaxing time or a way to fix a problem. The right massage can do wonders to your body, and these are the five we think you need without you knowing you needed it. Trust me… you will want to try them all.


  1. Anti-inflammatory Massage.

Whilst all massage can be soothing and relaxing through the use of effleurage and long stroking motions, an anti-inflammatory massage can bring a whole load of benefits with it. By activating the lymphatic system, you can release toxins from the muscles and flow them towards the lymph nodes. With strokes that calm down your nervous system, thus stopping the reactive response, the flowing toxins will be directed for drainage to the lymph. This will then calm down any inflammation and reset your body into a tranquil state. Your masseur can also use the influence of certain essential oils into the massage. These have their own desired response. Leaving your body calm and reset. You will notice the effects within 48 hours once the toxins have slowed down their drainage and your muscles are less reactive. You will feel like you’re floating on air. But remember to drink plenty of water to prompt the lymph cycle into working.


  1. Scalp Massage.

We’ve all seen those lovely, wired contraptions that make your head tickle when you place it on your scalp. But there is some thought gone into them, a scalp massage has many benefits that we wouldn’t necessarily have thought of. With multiple ways and techniques to use, you can achieve different outcomes.

Pressure points over your scalp can release tension and make you feel more grounded. The motion of the hands being rubbed over the scalp encourages blood flow to the surface of the skin and stimulates the nerve endings.  These reactions have been known to increase hair growth.


  1. Eye Massage.

Who doesn’t love an eye massage. We strain our eyes so much throughout the day and underestimate how much they need to be cared for. A simple eye massage can really revitalise them. Depending on the actions, you can drain the puffiness, brighten your dark circles and release tension. It really is a treatment we glance over quite easily but…. BUT it will change your life.


  1. Anti- ageing Massage.

Combining the use of myofascial release and lifting movements you can help to rejuvenate any dull skin. When you use plumping motions you can increase circulation and release tension. The encouragement of collagen and skin renewal give you a plumper and brighter appearance. It is definitely one to add to your skincare routine.


  1. Foot Massage.

Our feet do so much for us and carry us everywhere. So why foot massage is one of the least asked for massages. The relief it can bring for you as well as more health benefits. The tension builds up in our feet can affect multiple other joint/ muscles in the body.

In one massage you can rehydrate dry skin, remove tension and it has even been found to resolve foot odour.  Acupressure on the feet is highly recommended for many conditions for a non-evasive treatment in all ages.



We all need a massage on a regular basis. It keeps us in tune with our bodies, it helps us feel refreshed and it can do wonders for our skin. So, mix it up. alternate the body part you’re getting massaged and see how different you feel.

If you have any other massages that you would recommend then please let us know, we will enjoy your feedback. If not, go grab yourself one of these 5 massages and thank us later.