Why should you change your skincare for Autumn?

Oh, the summer sun, how we have enjoyed frolicking in your delightful presence, lathering our bodies in protection and soothing our skin in the evening bliss. Yet we all know you can’t stay forever, and the weather will surely turn. The leaves will start to fall, and our skin will change with your season. Which is why we need to prepare before you end up with dry skin.


Have you ever noticed that your skin starts to dry out with the season changes? How it appears even more dehydrated than usual?

After the summer, our skin can become dull, sallow, flaky, covered in sunspots and dehydrated. This is because of something called TEWL or transepidermal water loss. What does this mean? TEWL, in simple terms, is when you lose moisture through your skin which can lead to a variety of different skin conditions or even severe dehydration.


Your skins texture can be thought of like a brick wall, cells held together with lipids. It has a multitude of layers, the upper layer that we see being the stratum corneum. These layers have a protective armour (acid mantle) that keeps the moisture in and the irritants out. Leading to optimal skin health. Over the summer months, our skin is subjected to an array of irritants that can break down that armour so that they can then penetrate the skin, even to the lower layers. Our moisture can then seep out, Leaving it dry, irritated and prone to ageing.


Now, what can affect our acid mantle and how can we stop it?

The most common sources of these irritants in the summer are:

  • Sunburn – Damaging the skin and burning off the outer layer will destroy any protection your skin may have against other irritants leaving it open and your moisture to be evaporated.
  • Chlorine – Even if you wash directly after contact, your skin will still have started to dry out.
  • Dry weather or air conditioning – both irritants suck the moisture from the air around you, not leaving much to be absorbed into your skin. Long exposure to these conditions without treatments can dramatically affect the skins moisture levels.
  • Over washing/exfoliating – breaking down the acid mantle using scrubbing or excess chemicals will leave it open to moisture loss unnecessarily.
  • Ageing and genetics – As we know our skin starts to age more rapidly in our 30’s leaving the skins barrier weaker. Same for any health conditions or illnesses.


How can you turn these irritants around and rehydrate your skin? Well, your skin needs nourishment to repair its barrier and protect it from the irritants we have subjected it to all summer long. Probiotic skin care can help improve the barrier function and increase ceremide levels. Ceramides replenish the skin and actively rebuild the acid mantle to reduce water loss. Probiotic skincare also aids in reducing inflammation which will calm any affects these irritants have had on our skin.

Skincare with no harsh chemical or reactants. Using skincare with these ingredients will actively increase the risk of TEWL, aide in loss of moisture and enhance irritation.

As well as skincare, products such as humidifiers will increase the moisture in the surrounding air and be able the let your skin absorb as much as it needs to. Especially in stuffy and humid environments.

Bathing correctly can also increase your chances of hydration. Simply submerging your skin into warm water (never hot) and covering in a wet towel for minimum of 15 minutes will increase the absorption rate. Teaming up with a nourishing moisturiser afterwards can be just the remedy you need.



We can prevent the majority of TEWL from happening by taking all these factors into account but also, we know that some we cannot avoid. So as the season changes, make yourself aware of how your skin is changing with it. Add in any skincare advised by your beauty therapist, or if the symptoms are extreme and you are getting worried, please get advice from your doctor.



** Our Maya Special Treatment was designed just for these occasions. Using our chemical free and probiotic skincare we can help you with getting over those summer blues and prep that glowing skin ready for fall. Please contact us to book yours.