Introducing the Maya Special Treatment

What can we say about this treatment without getting too big headed about how extraordinary it is? Not a lot. So, we’re going to say it all anyway.


This Treatment is like a 60 minutes miracle on your skin. Not only is it targeted to suit your skin type and complaints, but it’s also guilt free beauty! We tailor each stage of our skincare in this treatment to make sure you’re getting the best from what your skin can be. All this whilst using a skincare brand that is cruelty free, vegan and carbon neutral.


What can you get for your money in this hour-long slice of heaven? Well, let us tell you.

We start off getting you all set up and cosy in our little treatment room. All your senses about to be tickled with delight. From smells to lighting and even warm blankets to make you feel right at home.

Moving on to the facial products, we remove any makeup you may be wearing with our gentle makeup remover. If you’re not wearing any, great, we won’t use it. Over cleaning the skin can be just as bad as under cleaning it.

Once we have clear skin, we will cover your eyes. Let you start to unwind further. Using a magnifying lamp, we will then do an analysis of your skin. Finding any impurities, trust me we all have them, or areas to target. This lets us know what your skin type is and which products would suit you best to help your skin radiate that natural glow.

Using a cleanser of choice, we can start to clean the face properly. This will start your skin on its optimal path to its ‘rewilding’. This is what our skincare brand, ‘Esse’, strives to achieve with their products.

Ever seen those pimple poppers on TV? Well, this is now our chance to clear your skin of any of those pesky comedones that are blocking our path to gloriously smooth skin. Extraction is very natural in a facial and with a little bit of pressure, we should be able to get them right out and safely, so they won’t refill with product after.

Exfoliation is next, breaking down any dead skin or excess product that has gripped to your skin through use of chemicals or even just the environment we live and work in. This instantly brightens your skin giving it a refreshed and soft feeling.

Now for the lift. It is never too early to start massaging your face. It does wonders for blood flow and skin rejuvenation. Teamed up with repair or protect oils, this massage will make your face feel younger and plumper than your thought it could.

Have you seen these ‘jelly masks’ everyone is raving about? Well, we have our ‘Esse’ exclusion mask. We smooth a layer or brightening ampoule on your skin. Letting that seep in beautifully. Then placing the exclusion mask over the top, it blocks out any oxygen pushing the product further into your epidermis. This mask is cold and cooling on the skin. It covers your eyes and mouth just leaving your nose open for breathing, but if you have any worries about this, please state before and we can avoid any areas that may cause you to not feel as relaxed as possible. This then sits on your skin for 10-15 minutes whilst it sets into a silicone texture which then rolls upward off your face revealing a refreshed and dewy look.

Toner is sprayed over your face and neck to peel off any dried bits of mask.

Hyaluronic serum comes next. This is sticky but spreads wonderfully over the skin to hydrate even the most dehydrated of skins. The sticky texture is great and allows you to place a chosen moisturiser over the top to feed on. The mix of these is a perfect team for your skins rehydrating process.

To finish, we use either, your chosen colour of our ‘Esse’ foundation to enhance that glow. This contains SPF. Or you can choose to just protect your skin with our sunscreen and leaving your natural skin to show the world as you float on home.

To add to this wonderful treatment, you can then choose either a foundation or a sunscreen to take home with you as a gift from us. So, a two in one package deal really.


What do we think?

Does it make you want to try it out and book one immediately??

We think you’re worth it. So, give us a call. Even to tell us what you think or if you have any questions. You won’t regret it!