Top 10 professionals that would benefit from regular massage

Our jobs can put a lot of strain on your body. Which in turn can leave you feeling deflated, sore, and overall fatigued. Whether it be heavy lifting, repetitive injury or sitting in one position for prolonged periods of time.

We can all feel like our job is getting to us at some points but there are certain jobs that are really taking it out of us, and you’ll be shocked at some of the results of which jobs take a lot of stress and strain on your body.

Let’s work through the list from 10 down to one and see if you’re in a job where you may need that extra bit of time to repair your body.


  1. Drivers

This profession is so much worse than you may think. Even if driving isn’t your job title. Those commutes can really do some harm. Especially if they’re driving a manual car. The constant sitting in one position for their shift and the long journeys takes its toll on their joints and back. Seizing up at the hips making the flexibility poor. The pressure on the knees to constantly be changing gear.

Having regular massages will help keep the body supple and stop the job from causing so much long-term pain.

  1. Builders

Now we all know what these guys do, and it is no secret that lugging around heavy materials, stretching, bending, and constantly putting their body through stress and strain. No wonder early retirement is needed in this profession. But having massage on the areas that take the load so the shoulder, knees and backs can help prolong your career and keep your body healthy.

  1. Parking attendants

This may seem like a joke to some of you, but do you know how many steps some of these guys put in on an average shift? Miles!!! Their knees and backs must really take a beating in some of the shoes they wear. And in all weathers too. The extreme weather conditions in the UK will not be doing their body any good. Using the heat of massage to soothe their muscles and keep them flexible will help this job reach its full potential.

  1. Fire fighters

Can you imagine the strain this job entails? Not only the daily fear, stress and agility they have to go through, but their bodies are put through so much on a health front that we just cannot even imagine. Cardiovascular strains, lung problems from the smoke inhalation, burns and much more.

I’m not saying massage will cure all these things, but they can certainly help. Opening the chest to relieve the shortness of breath and helping them to not feel suffocated, the massage over healed burns to put a bit more suppleness back into the skin and the big one. getting the circulation and bloody pumping through their body whilst expelling any toxins through their lymphatic system.

  1. Farmers

What Farmers put their bodies through is amazing. Most of them grow up or were born into the agricultural life so they know no different than the obscenely early mornings and the all-out weather conditions. They turn up to work with colds, flus, broken limbs. Born from hardy bones these people really do need to counteract what they’re putting their bodies through on a daily basis.

Massage will help restore any movement they may have lost due do working though the above. Will help their circulation to regulate their body temperature though all weathers and boost their immune system further.

  1. Tattooists

Have you seen some of the positions these people get themselves in to for some time hours on end to get the right angle on that art piece? I t really is crazy. No wonder tattooists all have back problems as well as RSI in their wrists, ankles etc.

They really need to book regular appointments to get those muscles all soothed and ready to create again or this career could be getting them a starring role in the hunchback of Notre Dame.

  1. Massage Therapists

A tad ironic, isn’t it? But they really do. Just think what they do day in day out. Bending, stretching, putting pressure on their joints, according to surveys, therapists are very likely to end up with arthritis and chronic pain. So, after a week of helping others to feel in top shape it is definitely their turn to have the same. What is even more ironic is that they are less likely to listen or make time for their own advice. A bit like doctors being the worst patients.

  1. Personal Trainers / Athletes

Now we know they are already fit and healthy, I mean, they make a career out of it right? But even the best of us aren’t perfect all the time. Over doing it, twisting, slipping or just those pesky nerves that get trapped. We have all been there. Pushed ourselves just that little bit too far. Well, they do this every day! Imagine the hours of training, coaching, and competing these people do.

Massage keeps them in tip top shape and helps them heal faster from their injuries. You will always see a good athlete with their own personal masseur or a PT getting therapy sessions. Our bodies cannot take that much training without hurting in points.

  1. Climbers

Ever seen these people doing their job? Up rock faces, trees, lighthouses? Madness, they are battling the wind, blazing heat, rain, whilst sometimes holding on with the tips of their toes and blistered fingers. How on earth I find baffling. But these guys are worse than the athletes. With added bashing from the slight slip of the foot. Constantly dragging equipment up with them, heavy bags, the thinnest or bulkiest of shoes. They need a full body massage just the counteract one climb and the amount they put themselves through.

And 1. Computer programmers

Hold with me. Don’t think I am crazy for putting this at number one. I did question myself as well, but have you ever seen the posture of a computer programmer? They spend hours upon hours glued to multiple monitors, not taking the recommended number of breaks for eye strain, or even lunch. These people are seized to the max and cramping all over. Averagely, computer programmers are not into fitness programs their bodies need to counteract the mass amount of time spent at that desk and working on those screens. Their hands in the same position all day, their necks tight, their hips sore. They really do need a full breakdown on the places that need massaged in order to feel like their body is alive again.


Well, were you surprised to find out some of these jobs were in the list? I think what writing this article has done for me is to not assume that I know what certain jobs entail. It really did open my mind up.

Got a few to add?

Let us know what you think.